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Hi! My name is Jocelyn and I am an aspiring creative problem solver. I grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, and attended the University of Pittsburgh. On my way to graduating with a degree in Communication Science (pre-speech pathology), I discovered a passion for engineering design. My classroom-born team used a human-centered, iterative approach to inspire physical expression in Deaf preschoolers. The project sparked a sense of purpose that drives me to delve deeper into service and tactile product development.

I currently live in Pennsylvania, keeping an eye out for the next step in my career journey.

Who I Am

1. Holistic Life Approach


Health and personal meaning make life good, and they should be integral to work.

2. Variety


We are kept inspired by work that is mentally and physically dynamic.


What I Value

3. Connection

Sincere relationships give our lives meaning and are the window to a user’s needs.

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